Guided video-based workouts with Jacob and Sarah Gelston.

Our workouts are designed for you to work through in your own space and in your own pace. These sessions can be done with little to no equipment. But that doesn’t mean you won’t build up a sweat!

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Not only will you be working out as a team joining in with Jacob and Sarah, but you will also become a part of the
Fitness Collective movement. Being encouraged and connected through social media. People all around the world will be joining together with the common goal to stay fit and active wherever they are.



Jacob and Sarah specially craft each program to ensure each muscle group is being engaged as you work through each workout program. Jacob has been running his own gym space for a number of years now and with his wife Sarah have become a trusted and reliable with their wealth of knowledge in the fitness and wellbeing sphere.



This isn’t just a throwaway workout to complete once. This is a workout that is well worth wile repeating again and again while you can. each time you can increase your commitment and make sure you are growing and reaching your personal goals.


Fully Online

Our own custom built online e-learning platform makes it easy to progress through your course. Choose to watch on your laptop, phone or evenAirplay it straight to your TV.